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Recommended by Warren Buffett, loved by Bill Gates, we present a text still considered among the best on the business today.

"Business adventures" by John Brooks written out of articles already published in "The New Yorker" in the sixties, out of publication in '71 . A book that tells its own story together with the business stories described. It was not a particularly successful text when Warren Buffet gave it to Bill Gates saying it was his favorite book, with the hope that it could give his friend good advice and maybe even becomes his favorite as well. So it was and when Gates reviewed it in the Wall Street Journal, the book went on reprint and became a global hit. Interesting, instructive, fun. "Brooks was not a self-improvement author, he was a journalist, a detached observer with strong immune defenses against management mythologies. He was a skeptic who studied the big US companies of the sixties. The rules to follow to bring a company to success or failure are still the same. He was attracted to success stories as well as failure stories. " (from the preface by Federico Rampini to the Italian edition) It is therefore not a book with the recipe for becoming a billionaire entrepreneur, it is a book that skeptically describes the common sense choices together with the bankruptcy ones of the industrialists of those years and which still today can define the rules of business. And if it is good for them... Here the video where the founder of Microsoft talks about "business adventures".

"Business Adventures" by John Brooks

John Brooks was a writer and longtime contributor to The New Yorker magazine, where he worked for many years as a staff writer, specializing in financial topics. Brooks was also the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, the best known of which was an examination of the financial shenanigans of the 1960s Wall Street bull market.

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