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Rules for

My Social and Forum


  • Mutual respect

    Everyone has a different point of view, so you can express your dissent in a respectful way. Please always keep polite behavior.

  • Respect for the privacy of others

    Our presence in this group depends on mutual trust. Some discussions can be sensitive or contain sensitive information, so what is said within the group should not be shared elsewhere.

  • Copyright and trademark infringement

    When sharing other people's posts, images and content, do not infringe on copyright or claim ownership of them.

  • Harassment is not allowed

    Bullying, attacking or targeting a group member is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

  • Sale and spam are not allowed

    In this group it is not allowed to sell to other members, to spam, or to promote your services or products.

  • General regulation

    Anyone who does not respect these simple rules will be immediately expelled and will no longer be a  TH-HABITAT member The registration fee will not be refunded.


The moment you join groups and forums, you accept the rules.

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