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Terms of Service

These Terms of Service reflect the functioning of TH - HABITAT's activities, the laws that apply to our company and our vision.

These terms allow you to define the relationship between the user and TH-HABITAT. Generally we authorize the user to use our services if he agrees to comply with these terms, which reflect the functioning of the activity. When we talk about "we", "us" and "our" we refer to TH-HABITAT. These terms are global, that is, applied worldwide.

When the user opens their account TH-HABITAT accepts these terms of service.


These Terms of Service help to define TH - HABITAT's relationship with the user regarding the interaction of the latter with our services. For example, these terms include the following topics:

  • What the user can expect from us , which describes how we provide and develop our services.

  • What we expect from the user , in which some rules are established for the use of our services.

  • Content in the TH-HABITAT services , which describes the intellectual property rights relating to the content available in our services, which may belong to the user, Google or third parties.

  • In the event of problems or disputes, which describe other user rights and explain what to expect if you violate these terms.

It is important to understand these terms because, in order to use our services, you must accept them.

In addition to these terms, we also publish the Privacy Policy . Although not part of these terms, we encourage you to read them to better understand how the user can update, manage, export and delete information.


Service provider

TH-HABITAT services are provided by and the user enters into the contract with:


Epirus Square 12

00183 Rome - Italy


Age requirements

To manage your TH-HABITAT Account you must have reached the age of majority according to the country in which the service is used.


What the user can expect from us


Providing a wide range of useful services.

  • general interest content on our platform

  • thematic forums to share information and support

  • creation of open or reserved groups for social activities

  • online and offline networking opportunities

Our services have been designed to work together in order to allow the user to move more easily from one activity to another.

We constantly develop new technologies and features to improve our services.

We follow a rigorous product research program, therefore before changing or interrupting the offer of a service, we take into account the interests of the user, his reasonable expectations and the potential impact on the user and others. We modify our services or discontinue their offer solely and exclusively for valid reasons, for example to improve their performance or safety, to comply with the law in order to prevent illegal activities or illegal behavior, to reflect technical developments or because a functionality or an entire service are no longer used enough or convenient.

If we have to make substantial changes that negatively affect the use of our services by the user or if we have to stop offering a service, we will give the user reasonable notice.


What we expect from the user


Follow these terms.

The authorization that we give to the user to use our services remains valid provided that the user assumes his responsibilities regarding:

  • these terms

We also provide the user with email contacts for support, policies and other resources to answer frequently asked questions and define expectations regarding the use of our services. These resources include our Privacy Policy.

Although TH-HABITAT grants you permission to use its services, TH-HABITAT retains all intellectual property rights it holds regarding its services.

  • freedom of sharing

Some of our services are designed to allow the user to upload, send, store, forward, receive or share their content. The user is not obliged to provide any content on our services and is free to choose which content to provide. If the user decides to upload or share content, he must ensure that he has the necessary rights to carry out this action and that such content is legitimate.

The contents of the user remain his property, that is to say that the user retains all the intellectual property rights that he holds regarding his contents. For example, the user holds the intellectual property rights on the creative content he creates, such as the articles he writes. When the content is shared through our services, the user has nothing to expect. The user may also have the right to share other people's creative content if they have authorized the user to do so.

If your intellectual property rights restrict our use of the content, you will need to grant us permission. This authorization is automatically granted to TH-HABITAT when registering.

  • untreated content

This license does not affect your data protection rights because it only affects your intellectual property rights.

This license does not cover the following types of content:

  • Concrete publicly available information provided by the user, such as corrections to the address of a local business. This information does not require a license because it is considered to be public domain information that can be used freely by everyone.

  • Feedback provided by the user, such as suggestions for improving our services.

This license allows TH-HABITAT to:

  • host, reproduce, distribute, communicate and use user content; for example to save them on our systems and make them accessible wherever the user goes.

  • publish, publicly perform or publicly display the user's content, if the latter has made it visible to others.

  • modify user content, for example by reformatting or translating.

  • license these rights to:

    • Other users to allow the intended operation of the services, for example by allowing the user to share photos with people of his choice.

    • Third party service providers who have signed contracts with us, who meet these terms, only limited to the purposes described in the purpose section below.



This license is for the sole purpose of:

  • Manage and improve services, i.e. allow the intended operation of services and create new functions and features. The use of algorithms and automated systems to analyze user content is included:

    • In order to detect spam, malware and illegal content.

    • In order to personalize our services for the user, for example by offering personalized content, not for advertising purposes.

This analysis occurs when the contents are transmitted, received and stored.

  • Use content publicly shared by the user to promote the services. For example, to make known a TH-HABITAT service or app we could mention a review written by the user.

  • Develop new technologies and services for TH-HABITAT in accordance with these terms.




This license will last as long as your content is protected by intellectual property rights. Even when a paid premium registration is stopped.

If you remove any content covered by this license from our services, our systems will discontinue public availability of that content in a reasonable period of time. However, there are two exceptions:

  • If the user has already shared the content with others before removing it. For example, if you shared a photo with a friend, who subsequently made a copy of it or shared it again, then the photo may continue to be displayed in the user's friend's TH-HABITAT Account even if this the latter removed it from their account.

  • If the user makes his content available through services of other companies, it is possible that the search engines continue to find and display such content in the search results.

The user is responsible for the actions he performs with his TH-HABITAT Account, including taking reasonable measures to protect the account, and for this purpose we invite the user to keep his password protected and change it regularly for his own safety. .


Communications related to services


To offer our services, we sometimes send you service announcements and other information. For more information on how we communicate with you, please read TH-HABITAT's Privacy Policy .

If the user decides to send us feedback, for example suggestions to improve our services, we may intervene on the basis of the latter without any obligation towards him.


User content


Some of our services give the user the opportunity to make their content publicly available. For example, the user could publish an article, or upload their own post in the My Social and Thematic Forum areas.

If you believe that someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights, you can send us a notification of the infringement and we will take appropriate action. For example, we suspend or close the Account of those who repeatedly infringe copyright, as indicated in the previous points.

  • respect others

In none of the shared spaces, TH-HABITAT tolerates disrespectful, racist or in any way offensive communications to the dignity of users. If we reveal or receive communication of these behaviors, we will remove the contents from our platform and close the Account of the user in question. We will not be able to delete the same content from third-party platforms or from the web, in case other users have already shared the content.


Content removal


If we reasonably believe that your content (1) violates these terms, violates applicable law or could harm our users, the third parties involved or TH-HABITAT, we reserve the right to remove such content , in part or totally, according to the law in force.


Interruption of services


TH-HABITAT reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user's access to premium services or to delete his Account in the event of one of the following situations:

  • The user violates these terms of service substantially or repeatedly.

  • We are required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or court order.

  • We reasonably believe that the user's conduct involves damage or liability to another user, a third party or TH-HABITAT, for example due to hacking or phishing activities, harassing behavior, inclusion of spam, misleading attitudes or theft of content from other sites that do not belong to the user.

  • the user did not pay the membership fee.

If the user believes that his Account has been suspended or closed by mistake, he can appeal by sending a clarification email.

Obviously the user can interrupt the use of our services at any time, provided that they are in order with the payment of the membership.


Further information


By law, the user has certain rights which cannot be limited by a contract such as these terms of service. These terms are in no way intended to limit these rights.

If a specific provision proves to be invalid or not applicable, this inapplicability will not extend to other provisions.

If the user does not comply with these terms, failure to promptly adopt measures on our part cannot be understood as a waiver of our possible rights, for example the right to take measures in the future.

We may update these terms to reflect the changes made to our services or the way we operate. Eg:

  1. if we add new services, features, technologies, prices or benefits (or remove old ones)

  2. for legal, regulatory or security reasons,

  3. or to prevent illegal behavior or damage.

Should we substantially modify these terms, we will notify the user well in advance, offering him the opportunity to review the changes, except

  1. in the case of the launch of new services or features, or

  2. in urgent situations such as avoiding the continuation of an offense or meeting legal requirements. If the user does not accept the changes made to the Terms, he is required to remove his contents. The user can decide to terminate his relationship with TH-HABITAT at any time by closing his Account or stopping the payment of the membership.


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